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Is there any particular certifications you need to become a Case Manager or Care Coordinator? Every time I apply they tell me I need experience, even though I have 6 years of Mother/Baby under me.

August 30th, 2022

I am an RN with 23.5 years experience, mostly ICU. The last 6.5 years I have worked as an RN Case Manager. In my experience, employers typically want you to have at least two years employment on a Med-Surg Unit or at least a unit caring for a variety of patients. Our hospital has hired nurses with as little as one year experience, but again it has always been with more general experience. If I were in your position I would send emails to the Managers of all Case Management Units that you have been rejected by and say something like the following: I am writing this letter as a follow up to a Case Manager position for which I previously applied. Since I was not selected for the position, I am hoping that you will guide me on how I can improve myself and/or my resume to become a more attractive candidate in the future.

As a previous Nurse Manager, I can tell you that these letters impressed me. I replied and always considered these to be future employees. Good luck!!

August 23rd, 2022

You don’t necessarily need any certifications-what you need is a clear understanding in the discharge process and levels of post acute options and how Insurance works.

August 23rd, 2022

I am the Associate Director for Case Management. I do look for acute care experience and mother/baby wouldn’t necessarily turn me off from a candidate but I would want to validate their ability to discharge plan. In case management, we deal with a variety of cases across the hospital so med surg and tele experience is a plus.

March 11th, 2024

I have had 10 years as Home Health RN Case Manager. Mostly working out of my home with a pda. It wasn’t called remote work back then. I am looking for remote position and been for over a year. With my experience it’s still difficult as I haven’t got a remote position yet!

January 19th, 2024

Yes, there is specific certification for Case Management. Go to CCM or Commission for Case Management Certification. There is a requirement to have case management duties in your current or previous roles and the commission will verify if necessary. If you want to be a Case manager, apply for case management positions. some would allow you to start and obtain certification with a period of time to keep the job. that's one way of obtaining experience if you on't have any. Alternatively, if your current job has case management duties, your supervisor may be able to attest to that and you may qualify for the certification.

November 13th, 2022

I think having experience depends on the company. I worked for Cigna as a case manager and had no experience prior to being hired.